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 Post subject: FS: WTB Shelby GT500
PostPosted: 21 May 2022, 15:11 


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I’ve called so many dealerships that I’ve lost track of who I’ve called and who I haven’t.

Anybody here own a dealership or have close connections? I’m trying to buy a Oxford white base model Shelby gt 500 with technology package, handling package and carbon fiber dash. Msrp about $86,000.

It’s proving very very difficult for me to find a ford dealership willing to accept my sub $100,000 check for a car….

I live in Texas, but can travel anywhere by plane obviously…


 Post subject: Re: FS: WTB Shelby GT500
PostPosted: 23 May 2022, 17:34 


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I have no personal or financial interest but you may be interested in trying:


 Post subject: Re: FS: WTB Shelby GT500
PostPosted: 20 Jun 2022, 23:00 


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Most of the dealers in NOVA are selling their 950A allotment (car included) for $105-$115K here. Rumor is Koons has an all black custom ordered GT 500 that went for $120K earlier this year and was worth every penny. Britt advertises the come hither MSRP but you ain’t gettin’ out the door for under 100 AMU is the rumor! However, I have heard that if you own a GT500 or Navigator, Britt Service treats you like royalty where Koons doesn’t. A friend has a Navigator from Britt and was able to get a Mach-E allotment and buy it for MSRP when they first came out. Rumor is either can also purchase allotments from other dealers in less affluent areas.

I will call out to my brother in WV tomorrow to see what he knows from River City, Cole, or Yes. He used to tune Fords but was more of an electronics and audio expert. They sometimes sell allotments out-of-state but usually goes to a WV native.

A few years ago we were seeing the same craziness for the HellCat and Demon here in Northern Virginia. A friend’s wife got him a Demon but had to go to Pennsylvania to get it.

I just enjoy the car shows on the weekends but still need the family haulers. For what I paid for 2 kids in daycare and 1 in private Kindergarten for 5 years I could have a McLaren 720s or Lambo URUS or 2 GT 500s sitting in the garage!


 Post subject: Re: FS: WTB Shelby GT500
PostPosted: 21 Jun 2022, 21:11 


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Yep I’ve noticed some dealers have many allocations. Most likely purchased from the small town Fords. A dealer in Houston had 4 I think it was. I’ve seen crazy mark ups of the “golden ticket” carbon fiber track cars. But the base model I want is a larger allocation number (maybe) and they are now going for $25,000. Today was told $30,000 from a dealer in Georgia. Keep in mind this is an $86,000 car. That is quite the percentage of purchase price in mark up to me.

I appreciate all the help from my fellow pilots. Still haven’t found a GT500. Or at least haven’t found my perfect version I’m will to pay that much over sticker for.


 Post subject: Re: FS: WTB Shelby GT500
PostPosted: 21 Jun 2022, 21:22 


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My engineering school professor, Don Frey, would have been amazed at how far they’ve taken the Mustang. He was the guy who looked at the Ford Falcon in 1963 and decided to turn Ford’s compact economy car into a sporty coupe. ... dr-Sed.jpg


 Post subject: Re: FS: WTB Shelby GT500
PostPosted: 09 Jul 2022, 13:56 

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A silver with black stripes just went across the blocks at Mecum Orlando. 85 miles.

90K didn't make the reserve so it is still there for the weekend. ... lby-gt500/

Mark D'Elia
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Wings Basic - Phase 2


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