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 Post subject: Greetings from The Netherlands!
PostPosted: 17 Feb 2020, 17:01 


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Hi all,
My first message in this forum. First of all a big thanks for letting me join the community! I'm probably a bit of an outsider, since I don't own a Beech, and even don't have a license. I work as a social worker in an organisation with twelve homes for elderly people with dementia or fysical health problems in need of 24h care.
But I've fallen in love with the Model 17 since the mid '70's and never cured, gladly!
As you might notice my English isn't my mother language as I was born and raised in the Netherlands, so my excuses when it's all very basic, primary school like.
I've tried to collect all individual airframe histories of all Stags from books, magazines and online, and built a site to display all the open source info in a Stag production list on It is a process of constantly updating, and not as sleek as I want it to be, since I'm no SQL specialist, and I'm still looking for one to help me with it.
I'm both a Life Member of the Staggerwing Club and also the Beechcraft Heritage Museum. I've visited the US only once so far, just to joint the Tullahoma Beech Party 2017. I've flown twice in a Stag: in the right front seat of Geoffery Lynch's N9405H and Thomas M Thomas's C-FTTY. In a few weeks I'll visit New Zealand to meet Cam and Tracey Hawley and hope to get airborn with VH-UXP. Whenever I come across information that I would like to incorporate in my site I'll contact the source of the info permission to incorporate it into my site. Now I'll take a look around to see if I notice folks I already met at Tullahoma :) On the photo I'm with Beech #1 on Oct 10, 2017. Cheers! Dré Peijmen, Amersfoort, Netherlands

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 Post subject: Re: Greetings from The Netherlands!
PostPosted: 17 Feb 2020, 17:05 

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In many ways, it's more fun to see a non-pilot enthusiastic about GA, than it is another pilot. And the 17 is a great choice to be enthusiastic about! Welcome, Dre.

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 Post subject: Re: Greetings from The Netherlands!
PostPosted: 17 Feb 2020, 17:06 


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Thanks so much! :D


 Post subject: Re: Greetings from The Netherlands!
PostPosted: 18 Feb 2020, 12:26 

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Hi Dre, welcome to BT and thank you for telling us about the work you have been doing! :thumbup:

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