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 Post subject: Aspen 1000 Test-flight
PostPosted: 14 May 2009, 23:45 

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Well, instead of updating my original thread i thought a new one would attract more attention and perhaps earn me more street-cred'. anyway took the aspen up today VMC for a workout with a safety pilot.

first order of business was to throw the yoke over to the rt. seat for unfettered access to the panel. did an ILS and a couple RNAV/GPS appr's. the GPSS works as advertised! my century IV autopilot needs to go to rehab and it still was impressive. put the autopilot in hdg mode, press the gpss button on the aspen, sit back and enjoy the show. that is til you turn final and you need to be quick on the APPR button or strange things start happening. so no rocking wings, no hunting for a heading, just flew like it was on rails.

the aspen's glideslope takes a little getting used to since it's on the AI display and not the HSI. in fact i flew it the whole while in course display mode with no HSI display at all and never thought about it til now. i'm sure there's a subtlety i'm missing, but i'm not sure why i would display needles instead of flying pink lines.

the only negative was not getting my A/P to do the glideslope thing, but i'll work on that some more. the 696 was impressive; i like the babe-in-the-box alerts about getting too low. a full review of that will come once i have the cross-talk connected.

Plenty more to come...stay tuned.



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