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 Post subject: Re: 65yo mandatory retirement age
PostPosted: 24 Aug 2017, 19:51 

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One son is 28 and a Captain on a Falcon 50, got all his ratings at our home airport and making 6 figures.

The other son is 21, leaving next week to Tenn to get his A and P, then off to Dallas and American Flyers for CFI.

He will most likely come back and instruct at our local flight school.

It's a race for 21 year old to get 1500 hours, then lots of really decent jobs, maybe even getting hired at his bother's operation.

The 28 was hired and PIC typed in the 50 with NO training contract, go figure.
And he had NO turbine experience, but he did have 1200 hours instructing and 300 in our Baron.


Good point. If you want it, it's out there, and overall not a bad job. Heck, you're kids could be doing something like you do <g>....

Sorry I missed you at OSH. Keep in touch.



 Post subject: Re: 65yo mandatory retirement age
PostPosted: 24 Aug 2017, 20:46 


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Hey Larry, I painted that statement I made with way to wide a brush. It was 2 extremes I saw during my career. I guess maybe my point was the training the 660 hr pilot got was pretty good and the 11K pilot was one of the weakest I saw. I agree 100 percent the best overall pilots flew commuters with no auto pilot in all kinds of weather. Then there were the ones that would take off and put their feet on the floor :pullhair:

Somehow we both seemed to have survived. The 1500 hr rule is ridiculous and we may live to see it go away as they run out of pilots.



 Post subject: Re: 65yo mandatory retirement age
PostPosted: 10 Sep 2017, 14:19 


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The Asian markets are offering 10, 15, 20k per month starting salary + benefits depending on which aircraft and seat position. The US will not be able to compete with them (Asian airlines being government subsidies) and Asia will create a giant sucking sound for aviators.

I see a wave of pilot movement possible. Pilots start out in Asia. Then once they have time and experience and the airlines here are hurting enough, they start getting offers back in the states.

We'll see. But for now...there still isn't a full time job being offered even close to what I would consider taking.


It's actually quite the opposite. The salaries you mention are the exception, not the rule. And even if you're able to earn 20K a month as an expat, you still have to put up with:

    Rostering shenanigans
    Host country politics
    Seat warming FO's you'll be afraid to leave alone to use the LAV.
    Horrendous schedules
    No job protection or representation

And let's not forget, you have to live in China, with all that clean air.

My observations is that people hardly ever leave the legacy positions over here. The sucking sound you mention is pilots employed overseas, leaving for much greener pastures.

You can live in Dubai, making 250K a year as a very hard-working widebody Captain. Or you can live here at home, surf, go shoot your guns, whatever floats your boat. And you can earn that 250 a year as an FO who has 22 days off a month, and an employer B-fund retirement.

No contest.


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