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 Post subject: Re: Flying the Epic LT
PostPosted: 23 Mar 2021, 19:15 

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That means you have a really great static port location! The TBM is a little over 200' in cruise.

Curious about how they got such a good location (I'm assuming it came from early flight testing), do you know if the port location has been the same throughout the life of the program, or have they changed the recommended location?

Interestingly, AEROMECH dId the Group STC for the Meridian, M500 and M600. Sounds like without modification the Garmin birds pretty much all pass. The static ports are on the belly, and delineated by these markers as the RVSM critical area. Pretty lucky, since the aircraft was not originally designed with RVSM in mind.


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 Post subject: Re: Flying the Epic LT
PostPosted: 19 Oct 2021, 22:38 

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Am I allowed to lament on here? I've been missing this plane while it's been in the shop for upgrades, so dumping photos of work done over the past (nearly) year below. hopefully it's wrapped up in the next month. I should change the thread to "upgrading the Epic LT"

A few things we've taken a stab at:

-windshield de-ice. This is a simple setup that pulls hot bleed air and blasts the windshield. Those piccolo tubes have been trimmed. Right now planning on a momentary switch to give the windshield a few little shots to clear it up.


-standby alternator installed. Lower electrical loads from G3X make it possible to almost carry the whole load minus air conditioning despite its low output. Hard to fit a bigger pad-mounted alternator on there with tight clearance between starter-generator. The plane is to have one switch that can be flipped to shed some loads without giving up any major function entirely


-G3X panel as a whole improves on many issues that were dead ends with G900X. most importantly, a better Garmin autopilot but also AOA/stall awareness, ESP, and lots of nice little things like fuel reminders (i have to manually switch in the plane), having correct mach speed/Mmo displayed on the speed tape.

G3X isn't really ideal for this plane out of the box, so it brings challenges. The shop came up with some elegant solutions like compatible trim servos and pressurization CAS messages.


-electric particle separator actuators. Minor detail, but these used to be bleed air actuated with Medusa's hair under the engine. while it worked fine before, we had snags with the separator opening completely at low power settings. This is simpler and cleaner and should work in all power/speed regimes.


-E1000 inlet and a repositioned inspection door to make checking the oil possible via sight glass rather than the ladder and dipstick. Lots of moulding to get the inlet and runners to smoothly integrate into the big plenum on the plane. There's easily 10 knots of speed from this inlet alone. The old design left a lot of power on the table


-better brake actuation. The brake calipers themselves should be plenty powerful, but pedal geometry on the master cylinder in this plane doesn't provide enough brake force. Copied some of the changes made to E1000 and giving that a stab. If no luck there, then we'll call Beringer.

Planning on a handful of very thorough return to service flights to iron out kinks, some performance runs to compare to the baseline ( ... /KRDM/KRDM), and then a call to Aeromech to take a stab at altimetry error measurement for RVSM.

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 Post subject: Re: Flying the Epic LT
PostPosted: 19 Oct 2021, 22:55 


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