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 Post subject: Re: Dornier DO-28 B1
PostPosted: 16 Sep 2016, 22:25 


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I met that airplane last year while in Iceland, viewtopic.php?f=49&t=108807&p=1460733&hilit=DOrnier+Iceland#p1460733. I doubt there's another with the same paint-job. It was in a museum, on loan from the owner, whom I had the pleasure to meet.

The airplane was scheduled to be sold to farmers from Iowa, as I recall. It had been taken to Iceland as part of the effort to recover warbirds, so it's fitting you got to fly it Doug. It felt very solid to me. I regret I wasn't able to to take up the owner's offer of a flight in it.



It's the same airplane. My friend owns it, and had it imported. The owner is not a farmer however, other than maybe what I would consider hobby farming. I've done a fair amount of work on it since it got here, and have logged about an hour of dual in it so far. I need to get some more time in it and I believe the owner would like to put the plane on skis for the winter as well, so that might be interesting.

The owner, his wife, myself, and another guy took the Dornier and a late model Super Cub up to Churchill, MB a little over a month ago now, with a group of float planes out of Minnesota. I tried to attach a couple photos from the trip, we'll see if they show up.

Doug, Kyle said he met you at Blakesburg, but I didn't realize you got to fly the plane. Cool!

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 Post subject: Re: Dornier DO-28 B1
PostPosted: 16 Sep 2016, 22:58 


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Erik, hope you made it out to the Cape. I worked a season in Nester 1 as a Canada Goose researcher in the mid-70s. Is the wreck of Miss Piggy(C46) still present off the runway? The big hanger had the skeletal remains of a Cub hanging from the ceiling. Stories were that a rotary snowplow dug into the gravel while going past. Memories...[(sure seem magic now, but I seem to recall aspirating many mosquitoes and foot rot from being in waders all day, every day)(gin on canned peas and carrots, too)(polar bear jail and 206 problem bear sling loads back north)]. The airspace out there was occasionally closed for rocket recovery, don't know if the range is still active.


 Post subject: Re: Dornier DO-28 B1
PostPosted: 17 Sep 2016, 00:21 


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Eric, the C46 is still there. We climbed all over it one afternoon. We also went out to check out the shipwreck of the Ithaka. And of course, we took the obligatory boat ride to check out the polar bears and whales. As far as I know, the rocket range is gone now. The only reference I saw regarding it was some pictures in the airport terminal building.

There is a decent chance that there will be some pictures of the Dornier and maybe the Cub in a future AOPA magazine. They were along on the trip to Churchill, and also showed interest in doing a story on the plane.


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