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 Post subject: Flying the R44 Raven II
PostPosted: Yesterday, 19:05 


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I bought a Raven II with AC last month and hit the training hard. Today culminated with the commercial and instrument checkrides. Far and away, the hardest checkrides I've taken to date. They felt more like initials than add ons. Examiner was tough but fair!

I bought the R44 to use as my Florida Cessna 172 to use for business and fun within 100 miles of my home in central Florida. In 77 hours in 6 weeks, I've done nothing but put oil and gas in it. It's a wonderfully reliable, well made machine with great performance. I think I'm going to really enjoy owning it.

Other than knowing the rules and how to talk on the radio and fly instruments, I didn't feel there was much correlation between flying airplanes and helicopters. There's some similarity in the low level environment with seaplanes but not much.

FUN? The absolute most fun I've ever had in any aircraft. If I had to have 1 toy and live under a bridge homeless, I'd keep the R44.

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 Post subject: Re: Flying the R44 Raven II
PostPosted: Yesterday, 19:24 

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Congratulations! To fly is human; to hover is divine.

That's a heckuva collection of ratings you've got going.


 Post subject: Re: Flying the R44 Raven II
PostPosted: Today, 00:02 

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Great post! I need to learn to fly helos.


 Post subject: Re: Flying the R44 Raven II
PostPosted: 43 minutes ago 


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Congratulations on your new ride, or magic carpet, to be more precise. I totally agree on the fun part of rotorcraft, and your post brought back many fond recollections.
I ran a small flight school with three R 22's, and greatly enjoyed it. I recall helping Frank Robinson correct the wear that the push-pull rods were having on the fairlead right behind the cabin bulkhead.
R 44's were not out yet, and I missed having one for my operation, as life got in the way.
Most fun was going to work in the machine: The helipad at the hospital was spacious, and the only time I had any problem was when a prima donna neurosurgeon complained about me... I think he was sore because his Porsche couldn't fly, or perhaps because many a young nurse was delighted to share lunch with me atop the mountain that presides over my hometown.
Autorotations in the R-22 were about as exciting as landings in the Pitts Special... not much room for error. I once did one in a Hughes turbine, and could have had lunch on the way down.
Thank you for rekindling great memories, I know yours will be similar.


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 Post subject: Re: Flying the R44 Raven II
PostPosted: 36 minutes ago 


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Can you share details on costs for maintenance, how’s the 12 year 2,200 hour thing? Is it expensive to comply with?,


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