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 Post subject: Help with my next airplane- STOL
PostPosted: Today, 15:34 

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As much fun as the Citabria has been there are times I want to land...right there in THAT cut field. Plus my good friend has 400 feet of landing room next to his barn in Pa.

Zenith...ok but kinda U...gly

and my favorite so far with very little research is the

Carbon Cub

I need SLOW stall speed- (Captain obvious) decent useful load, great handling and would not like to give up too much high cruise speed in comparison to my Aerostar ;)

Which one and why

oh, I am not going to be building me own..."A man's got to know his limitations"..C. Eastwood


 Post subject: Re: Help with my next airplane- STOL
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I vote for the carbon cub. For being a factory built plane I think it's awesome. There are definitely some awesome ones you can build yourself but that is a different experience.

I've always wanted a Carbon Cub with a Citabria being a close second when it comes to taildraggers. I'm lying, a 180 would also be really cool. This is why I have 3 air planes at the moment.



 Post subject: Re: Help with my next airplane- STOL
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you can spend the price of a house on these hopped-up new sort-of-cubs with 360 engine and constant speed prop, and get something that performs just marginally better than a basic, lightweight PA-11 (or clone) with a C-85. There is a lot to be said for simplicity.


 Post subject: Re: Help with my next airplane- STOL
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Simplicity is overrated: ... 20ac/10977

Put a Sky Beacon ADS-B on the tail and go visit your buddy in style.


 Post subject: Re: Help with my next airplane- STOL
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Depends on what you want to spend. If you want to keep it cheap, I'd do a Piper Pacer. They can be bought cheap easily for under 30k. Cruise isn't bad, and you take out the back 2 seats and you have a decent plane that you can take whatever you want and haul it all over the place.

If you're willing to spend money, then a cessna 180 with the io550 powerplant and an MT 3 blade. That in my opinion will be way better than a carbon cub.


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