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 Post subject: FS: Garmin MX20 Standard $1250
PostPosted: 09 Jan 2017, 10:53 

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This is nice little MX 20. It is fully functioning and was just pulled from a Panel. I am asking $1250. 615.521.2400 Below is info on the MX 20.

The MX20 MFD’s large active-matrix LCD display extends a full 6 inches diagonally, and its crisp 640 x 480-pixel screen offers the highest resolution in its class. At a glance, you can see your aircraft’s position and track on a VFR- or IFR-style navigation chart – with course lines, waypoints, and flight progress displayed over realistic terrain depictions. For arrivals and departures, an exclusive Chart View™ option lets you confirm your aircraft’s position on Jeppesen® instrument approach plates and airport surface charts. A unique split-screen feature enables side-by-side displays of any two MX charting functions.

Added safety is provided by a built-in terrain elevation database that color codes relevant ground features in relation to your aircraft altitude, alerting you as you approach rising terrain. The MX20 will also integrate with various onboard weather radar, lightning, traffic awareness, and datalink systems that enable uploading of real-time graphical weather information and NEXRAD radar depictions.

In addition, the MX20's custom map function is customizable. This lets you create a display for almost any configuration you require, offering extensive overlay capabilites. Other functions provide more limited levels of customization, retaining the look and feel of the instruments they reflect — an important safety feature.

You can interface the MX20 with most manufacturers’ GPS navigation equipment. And when coupled to Garmin GPS and VHF nav systems, the MX20 provides extra features and levels of convenience that exceed those of systems costing many times more. No wonder pilots are choosing MX20 displays when they upgrade their avionics or purchase a new aircraft.

ChartView Option
With the exclusive ChartView option, instrument approaches and airport surface diagrams can be viewed on the MX20, with the aircraft position overlaid on familiar JeppView chart depictions. Standard Instrument Departure and Arrival charts (DPs and STARs) are also provided.

Split-Screen Feature
For multi-view situational reference, the latest MX20 software offers a unique split-screen feature, allowing side-by-side displays of any two MX20 charting functions. In addition, a vertical profile view of terrain peaks and obstructions relative to the current flight level can be displayed across the lower portion of the screen.

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 Post subject: Re: FS: Garmin MX20 Standard $1250
PostPosted: 30 Jan 2017, 01:08 

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Company: Take Flight Avaition.
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Aircraft: Piper Malibu
It is still available
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