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 Post subject: HOW DO I SELL MY ITEM? (Guidelines)
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2007, 12:39 

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We don't have a lot of 'rules', but we have a few guidelines that you must follow when posting in this forum. :) Please become familiar with all of them before posting in Peddler Talk.

The guidelines include:

1) NO COMMERCIAL LISTING - This forum is only for private sales (e.g. items you personally own)--no commercial listings are permitted, except by BeechTalk Sponsors. If you'd like to become a BeechTalk Sponsor, please sign up HERE.

2) SELL ONLY YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS - This forum is also only for items you are personally selling. If you wish to provide a heads-up to other BeechTalk members of an item for sell elsewhere (by someone else), please post it in the relevant forum such as Beech Singles or Beech Twins.

3) ONLY AIRCRAFT FOR SALE CAN BE POSTED IN THIS FORUM - Please post only your personal aircraft for sale in this forum.

4) KEEP SUBJECT LINE DESIGNATION - The forum will automatically append an abbreviation at the beginning of your subject line. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS DESIGNATION. (We reserve the right to edit the thread to conform to this guideline)

    FS = For Sale
    WTB = Want to buy (when your looking to buy something.)

    We do this to help denote Peddler threads that are listed along with all other threads in the View Unread Posts listing.

    Ex. FS - LightSPEED 3G Thirty Headset

When the item has sold or otherwise been removed from the market, please edit your subject line (only) to indicate:

SOLD = Once sold, please edit your post to include this in the title. Do NOT remove the content of your listing or modify the subject line, other than to insert the SOLD notification. The listing will remain visible to aid other members as they search for similar items.

5) MUST INCLUDE ASKING PRICE - An asking price must be included for every item listed. Items without an asking price will be removed without notice.

6) ADD DETAILS AND PICTURES - Please include sufficient details about what you're selling. You can (rather...should) include pictures, but please limit them to 800 pixels or less in width.

7) ADD YOUR LOCATION TO YOUR PROFILE - Please use the Control Panel in the upper right corner of the red bar above to enter your location in to your profile. This will help give buyers an indication of shipping or ferrying required.

8) INDICATE HOW YOU WISH TO BE CONTACTED - Please indicate how you would like a potential buyer to contact you. You can indicate a telephone number, email address, or private message (PM). Please note that this content is public and not limited to just BeechTalk members.

9) MARK ITEMS SOLD - Once your item has sold, please edit your listing to include the word 'SOLD' in place of the above FS, FT, etc. Do not remove or edit any other parts of your listing.

10) NO LINKING TO EBAY OR AUCTION SITES - Peddler's Talk is not the place to link items being sold on eBay or other auction sites, it is a place to list items you're selling directly to BeechTalk members. We reserve the right to remove listings redirecting members to an auction listing.

11) NO FOR-RENT ADVERTISEMENTS - For-Rent type ads are not permitted unless the poster is a BeechTalk Sponsor. We consider For-Rent type ads to be an ongoing sale and not in the spirit of a seller-buyer forum. All For-Rent ads will be removed without notice.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo - We reserve the right to delete, edit, or otherwise modify a listing without notice. We may do this to adjust the subject line to ensure uniformity in this forum.

Any transaction is between you and the buyer/seller, caveat emptor (buyer beware). BeechTalk LLC is not a party to any transaction and shall not be obligated to arbitrate any conflict or enforce any terms.


 Post subject: Re: PEDDLERS...please read these guidelines before posting.
PostPosted: 14 Jan 2012, 13:17 

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Please note the new format of Peddler Talk.

It now includes subforums for the listing of your items, specifically:

For Sale - Aircraft - All aircraft for sale should be listed here. HOWEVER, if you are parting out an aircraft (i.e. it is non-flyable), then the listing should be placed in the "For Sale - Other" forum.

For Sale - Aviation Other - If you are selling an aviation-related item (e.g. parts of an aircraft), then please place it in this forum.

For Sale - Non-Aviation Other - If you are selling non-aviation item, then please place it in this forum.

Want To Buy - If you are looking to buy an item and simply want to place a classified-type listing, please place it in this forum. If you are looking for advice on what to buy, please place your question in one of our other main forums, such as Panel Talk, Beech Singles, or the like.

Please note that new listings in Peddler Talk will automatically have an FS or WTB designator added at the beginning of the Subject line. Please do NOT remove this designation, unless the item is sold or removed from the market (in such case, please add a SOLD or REMOVED designation in place of the FS designation or FOUND in place of WTB).


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