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 Post subject: FS: 1957 Bonanza H35 N360B 470GCI Tip Tanks - $79.500
PostPosted: 20 Sep 2023, 08:30 


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Aircraft: 57 Bonanza H35
1957 Beechcraft H35 (converted to fuel injection in 2008 by Pacific Continental Engines, Inc.)
Serial #4910
Price: $79,500 USD

Chad Lackey, Owner
336.540.4795 (Mobile)

Airframe: 6573 SNEW
Engine: 1939.79 SMOH ** – Continental O-470-G (converted to fuel injection) 240HP
** Note: Due to a prop strike on the tug, the engine was completely torn down under insurance protocol and a new crank, new chrome cylinders, new bearings and much more installed. Rebuild done by Pacific Continental Engines – TT – 1102.47 and SMOH – 851.97 in 2008. (6) new cylinders installed in 2016 at 1779.77 TT and 1529.17 SMOH. Gami injectors installed in 2015.
Propeller: 898.59 SPOH – McCaluely two-blade

Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 3050 pounds
Basic Empty Weight: 2139 pounds
Useful Load: 911 pounds
Usable Fuel Capacity: 94 gallons
Empty CG: 79.04 inches

• Aircraft hangered at Alamance Burlington Airport - KBUY
• Always US-based
• Annual inspection completed 9/4/2023
• ELT battery due 8/2025
• All AD’s in compliance
• Some damage history from hard landing in early 80s
• Engine compressions at 9/2023 annual
o #1-72, #2-71, #3-73, #4-74, #5- 75, #6-72
 Complete logbooks available for download: ... 86wzf&dl=0

 High resolution photo gallery: ... mcyd0&dl=0

• Aviation Research Systems Instrument Panel (wiring behind panel replaced)
• Garmin GNS 530W (database needs to be updated)
• Garmin SL30 radio
• Garmin GTX 327 Transponder with GDL88 (Adsb In/Out) and flight stream (connects to ipad which is nice)
• S-TEC 50 Autopilot with S-TEC GPSS Steering coupled to the Garmin 530W
• P.S. Engineering PMA6000 Audio Panel
• Electronics International FP-5L Fuel Computer
• Electronics International ASC-5A Clock and Altitude Management system
• Electronics International VA-1A-50 Volt/Amp meter
• Horizon Instruments P-1000 Tachometer/RPM indicator
• (2) Garmin G5s – Attitude and HSI
• Precision Aviation PAI-700 vertical card magnetic compass
• Alcor Aviation, Inc. EGT Gauge
• iPad Ram Center Mount (the iPad is not included in the sale).


• Plane Power Alternator
• Electric Fuel Pump Mod
• 3 Light Marker Beacon – Strobes in the tip tanks
• BAS Inertia Reel Shoulder Harness System
• Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
• Speedslope Windshield
• Great Lakes Aero Products Pilot side and door window replacement
• Osborne Tip Tanks (20 each side - 40 additional gallons) with strobe & nav lights

All work is documented with appropriate STCs as required, Request all documents from FAA in 6/23.

Miscellaneous Recent Maintenance:

• Rebuilt flap motor 3/2015
• New Plane Power Alternator 5/2015
• New mufflers 5/2015
• New Challenger air filter 5/2015
• New main and cargo door seals 5/2015
• Gami Injectors and all cylinders replaced around 400 hours ago
• Replaced all Curtis fuel valves – 9/23
• Seat covers 4/23
• New tip tank lens – 9/23

• New Ruddervators 2003

• Light Tan Leather Interior 7/10. Some seats have cracks and seat covers were new on 4/23 and have slight mark on pilot seat
• Glove Box
• BAS shoulder harness kit for pilot and copilot
• Baron high back pilot/copilot seat mod, STC'd
• Split Rear Seat Mod
• Dual Late Model Ramshorn yokes
• Full Sound Proofing

Please login or Register for a free account via the link in the red bar above to download files.

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 Post subject: Re: FS: 1957 Bonanza H35 N360B 470GCI Tip Tanks - $89.500
PostPosted: 20 Sep 2023, 11:12 


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Nice looking plane, with matching toolbox/tool cart!


 Post subject: Re: FS: 1957 Bonanza H35 N360B 470GCI Tip Tanks - $79.500
PostPosted: 03 Oct 2023, 18:54 


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My arithmetic gets me a useful load of 1,011 pounds?


 Post subject: Re: FS: 1957 Bonanza H35 N360B 470GCI Tip Tanks - $79.500
PostPosted: 03 Oct 2023, 21:31 


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Aircraft: 57 Bonanza H35
Think h35 are 2900 and then get 150 lbs for tip tanks. 3050 - 2139 = 911 lbs of useful. Edited listing from 3150 to 3050. Thanks for the help.


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