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 Post subject: Re: 1962 B95A Travel Air - $89K
PostPosted: 03 Jul 2022, 19:16 


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I know engine, prop, avionics, wheels and brakes are all standard items. How tough is it to get airframe parts for this?

I don’t know anything about the Bendix fuel injection system. Is it well supported and readily available? Any big ADs on it?

What are the big ADs on the airframe? Any of them recurring?

I’ve owned several piston twins but I’m a noob at the Travelair. Thanks for your assistance and patience.



Since this plane has been converted to Bendix FI, the only thing to know that is a unique B95a-feature compared to the D95’s, Barons, or Bonanzas is the wing. This model has the longest/biggest flaps of any Travel Air or Baron. Basically the flap continues all the way out to the inner aileron attach point. So you gain an extra foot to foot and a half on each flap, and lose that in the aileron. The roll rate in these planes is more than adequate but you’ll likely find your roll controls will get exaggerated compared to the two-finger precise feel of other Beechcraft. The rudder is monstrous so this plane makes good practice for coordinated maneuvers.

Also, this plane was the first iteration of the Beech twins’ deeper chord flaps found on all Travel Airs and Barons after the B95a. They didn’t quite perfect the design, and has few ribs spaced far apart close to the wing root. In mine this is creating an oil canning issue in the skins which has caused *some* cracking that has to be managed. You’ll want to be ginger with the flap extension speed and not push the limits. This plane has rediculous slow speed handling when light so I have found I usually land with the flaps retracted unless I’m carrying a load. Extension speeds are common with the P35’s; 150MPH gear down, 120 for top of the white arc.

EDIT - the other B95a quirk is there are no escape hatches built into the passenger windows; so unlike every Baron or Bonanza from this vintage or later, you cannot open those up to get ventilation airflow through the cabin. These aircraft were designed to have the passenger windows kicked out as the back seat means of emergency egress. I’ve flown mine in and out of Miami for five years now and haven’t suffered terribly due to this omission.


 Post subject: Re: 1962 B95A Travel Air - $89K
PostPosted: 03 Jul 2022, 21:20 

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I had never noticed the aileron length. I haven't flown a wide cord B55 in a while, but I did notice the odd angle on the B95A. The B55 picture below originally had the wide cord flaps on it, but I just stuck the damaged flap in storage and never seen it on the airplane.

I have noticed the same issue when stepping on the flap and I always make it a habit to step in the center of the painted step area as it appears to have a rib right in the center.

The 1961 B95A below also doesn't have emergency egress exits. I wish it did at times!

Thanks for pointing out the items!

2021-08-17 14.08.58.jpg


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 Post subject: Re: 1962 B95A Travel Air - $89K
PostPosted: 05 Jul 2022, 10:24 

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Bump for some new pictures; July 2022 Annual inspection is complete.



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 Post subject: Re: 1962 B95A Travel Air - $89K
PostPosted: 08 Jul 2022, 14:26 

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Bump for the addition of a video walk-around. Additionally, this airplane is equipped with aft emergency exits.



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