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 Post subject: FS: 1977 421C, N100L: 349,000 USD
PostPosted: 27 Aug 2019, 15:49 

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Aircraft: C510
Due to a Citation Mustang about to arrive, I am selling our Cessna 421C, N100L. It is a fantastic aircraft, very capable and as quiet as a prop driven plane can be. Business partners and family are loving her. I'll be sad seeing her go. ... D=31176473

Cessna 421C, N100L: spec sheet

year: 1977
serial nr.: 421C-0313

number of seats: 8
basic empty mass: 5,111 lbs = 2,318 kg (weighed in 2018-08)
payload: 2,339 lbs = 1,061 kg to MRampM (7,500 lbs); MTOM 7,450 lbs
full fuel payload (main tanks, 206 GAL): 1,153 lbs = 523 kg
full fuel payload (all tanks, 234 GAL): 985 lbs = 447 kg

performance: true 220 KTAS, FL250, 60 % MCP, 36 GPH ROP, ISA, mid cruise mass
(cleaned up airframe, no VGs)

total time airframe: 4,396 (as per 2019-08-27)
always hangered in mild corrosive climate:
Alabama, Illinois, Texas, Maryland and southern Germany;
based in the US until June 2016

engines: Continental GTSIO-520-L, TBO 1,600 h
heated fuel manifolds
total times engines: L: 429 since OH by RAM, year 2013
R: 914 since Continental factory new, year 2006

propellers: Hartzell 3-blade wide chord
propeller times: L: 578 since new
R: 578 since new

inspection status: annual inspection due 2020-08
damage history: no major damages or accidents
logs: all logs since new

exterior: 8 of 10 (painted 2000)
interior: 9 of 10 (new in 2015)
pressurization: 5.0 psi, cabin resealed in 2016 and 2018, excellent tightness
de-ice certification: FIKI
boots: excellent condition, no leaks, no patches


primary flight display 1: Aspen EFD 1000 Pro C3
primary flight display 2: Aspen EFD 1000 Pro
system instruments: JPI EDM 960 Twin: primary engine instruments, engine data monitor,
fuel totalizer + system gauges
FMS1 / GPS1 / COM1 / NAV1: Garmin GTN 750, Jeppesen Chart View, altitude sequenced legs
FMS2 / GPS2 / COM2 / NAV2: Garmin GTN 750, altitude sequenced legs
satellite receiver 1: Garmin GDL69
satellite receiver 2: Golze ADL 150 (Iridium Sat weather + texting, SMS + e-mail)
weather radar: Garmin GWX 70 digital radar, 12 in antenna
stormscope: BF Goodrich / L3, WX-500
traffic advisory system: Garmin GTS 825
terrain warning: aural + visual, included in GTN 750 (software V6.50)
auto pilot: S-TEC System 60-2
altitude preselect + alerter: via PFD 1 (Aspen)
GPS steering: via PFD 1 (Aspen)
transponder: Garmin GTX 33ES, ADS-B out
radar altimeter: Bendix/King KRA-405
DME: Bendix/King KN-64
audio panel: Garmin GMA 347 with message repeat
ELT: Kannad 121.5 + 406 MHz
fuel heat: heated fuel manifolds (no Isopropyl Alcohol or Prist needed)
lighting: full LED NAV, strobes, beacon, taxi, landing + cabin
wheel covers: Premiere Aviation hub caps
wing locker tank (right): 28 GAL (total fuel: 234 GAL)
air conditioning: Keith electric A/C
engine pre-heat: EZ Heat 540
sun visors: Rosen sun visors
clock: Mid Continent MD93
USB ports (4)
ground power plug

home base: Stuttgart, Germany (EDDS)
free delivery within Europe as well as to the US and Canada

price: 349,000 USD
(within EU: + VAT if applicable)

EU import taxes paid.
N100L had been in the US since new until she was imported to Germany by me in June 2016.
Thus, there are no US import taxes either.
Aircraft Guaranty Corp. is the trust (required for non-US owners) with the company HA Kunzi Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG being the benefitiary owner. There are no loans on the aircraft.


Please login or Register for a free account via the link in the red bar above to download files.


 Post subject: Re: FS: 1977 421C, N100L: 349,000 USD
PostPosted: 07 Sep 2019, 07:01 

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Location: EDDS
Aircraft: C510
Under contract.


 Post subject: Re: FS: 1977 421C, N100L: 349,000 USD
PostPosted: 07 Sep 2019, 07:15 

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Username Protected wrote:
Under contract.

11 days. Nice!

Arlen - N4AS
2019 AirVenture Lindy Award - "Outstanding Cessna Multi Engine"


 Post subject: Re: FS: 1977 421C, N100L: 349,000 USD
PostPosted: 31 Oct 2019, 19:32 

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Company: Centurion LV
Location: Draper UT KPVU-KVNY
Aircraft: N100L 421C
Finally got to see my new plane today. It’s amazing and everything the seller said it was. Rarely do I buy something and have it be what I am told. Andreas was very accommodating and great to work with. It took a long time and he had to bring it to the states. I could not be happier with the plane and the seller.

Thanks again Andreas. Can’t wait to get her home.


InstaGram @Mtpyle company @CenturionLV race team @strappedracing


 Post subject: Re: FS: 1977 421C, N100L: 349,000 USD
PostPosted: 01 Nov 2019, 02:04 

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Joined: 10/15/15
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Location: EDDS
Aircraft: C510
Thank you, Mike!
I wish you many safe trips, on which you may enjoy the comfort, performance and capability of this aircraft,
and some luck, that we all need in aviation, to avoid major bills, birds and breakdowns.

After I sold N100L, I can definitely say from a rather neutral point of view, without any sales motivation, that if / when I should go back to a piston aircraft one day, the C421C would be on top of the list.


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