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 Post subject: FS: 1947 Bonanza. Excellent. 4029 TT, 76.5 SMOH $30,000 USD.
PostPosted: 18 Oct 2017, 11:18 


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1947 Straight 35, serial D64, continuously updated since new, with all logs. Modest purchase price without the usual high time engine and prop expenses waiting to bite the new owner. The other big ticket items like control surfaces, fuel bladders, gear, prop and flap motors, pressure carb and engine accessories, all replaced along the way.

TTSN – 4029.6, formerly N80464 , last US registered in Colorado.

Continental E185-11 (205 hp) TSMOH – 76.5 Major done by Aircraft Maintenance Inc. Butler Indiana in 2000. All compressions in the 70’s at 2017 annual.

Beech 215 - 88 in. electric propeller [No AD’s] - TSPOH – 29.6, done in 2015 by M&M in OK.

Zero corrosion airframe with steel center Truss modification , 1000 hr inspection cycle verified in 2003, – currently approx 720 hrs until next inspection required. Empty weight 1785 lb.

All control surfaces replaced by Princeton Aviation , magnesium ruddervators.

One piece windscreen mod, third row window modification, all glass in excellent shape. Updated interior with front seat shoulder harness modification, factory ‘air conditioner’ (swamp cooler).

Jasco alternator mod installed, heated pitot.

Cleveland wheels and brakes and gear door mod to allow higher deployment speed.

20 gal auxillary fuel tank {60 US gal total} , Dukes auxiliary electric fuel pump.

Updated ignition, breakers and panel wiring, digital CHT and EGT, 4 place intercom,
KX-155 Nav/Com with VOR and Narco Com120 VHF radio, mode C transponder, audio panel.

Airwolf remote oil filter, comes with both dual yoke and original throw-over yoke.

Tanis oil tank and cylinder pre-heaters. Upper and lower strobe lights.

In annual until June 2018. Flys great needs nothing. 70 yr old pilot/owner essentially retired from flying. Log books since new. The new engine and prop along with several expensive upgrades courtesy of nose gear failure in 1999. New pressure carb , ignition harness and alternator upgrade in 2003.

Exhaustive Canadian import inspection process including all engine hoses replaced and verification of all AD compliance completed in 2015. Hangered in Castlegar B.C. and maintained to ABA standards, previous owner was a US aircraft mechanic.

Includes Canadian required extras such as halon fire extinguisher, survival gear, first aid kit, and some spares. Canvas plane cover included. It is exactly as described and can be bought for $30,000 USD [$37,500 Cdn.]. I have no interest in talking to brokers or Bonanza tire kickers.

Contact Ian at 250 365 7883 or

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 Post subject: Re: FS: 1947 Bonanza. Excellent. 4029 TT, 76.5 SMOH $30,000
PostPosted: 18 Oct 2017, 22:08 

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Damn this is awesome. Beautiful classic v-tail bonanza with an almost new engine and prop for the price of an average Cherokee 140. :thumbup:



 Post subject: Re: FS: 1947 Bonanza. Excellent. 4029 TT, 76.5 SMOH $30,000
PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 09:16 


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Ian, do you have any performance data (ie cruise speed/range, ff)? Useful load? Also where is the aircraft housed? And has it been hangared in CA or stored under the cover? Sounds like a great entry aircraft.


 Post subject: Re: FS: 1947 Bonanza. Excellent. 4029 TT, 76.5 SMOH $30,000
PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 10:44 


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For me it was the basic early V tail flight plan of 10 gal./hr @ 150 mph. The range is extendable via the 20 gal aux fuel tank [ a theoretical 900 mi. for a 60 gal total]. Useful load is a pain; as this first model [certified I believe with 165 hp] was set to a 2550 gross. Subsequent years with 185 hp variants went to 2650. The engine in it is in fact the 205 hp variant of the E185.

Somewhere in the description is the empty weight so you can calculate the theoretical useful load. I do recall flying out of a farmers grass strip once with full fuel, myself and three pax,who were well over 250 lbs ea.. So useful load is very much an interesting guide.

Not sure where you get the idea that the plane is in CA. As noted, it is hangared in Castlegar BC. [Canada].



 Post subject: Re: FS: 1947 Bonanza. Excellent. 4029 TT, 76.5 SMOH $30,000
PostPosted: 12 Mar 2018, 14:56 


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Hi there,
Is this aircraft still available?


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